The main objective of the RIOS-project is to develop an action plan for the future research in the area of rehabilitation of oiled animals and to stimulate the contacts and future cooperation between scientists and other stakeholders in this area. Furthermore, the project aims at actively contribute to the implementation of the work programme and potentially help the preparation of the future Framework Programme.

The activities of the RIOS-project includes the following actions:

  1. Creation of an expert group;
  2. Study (collection of information) and analysis of the present state-of-the-art;
  3. Mapping exercise (to identify European expertise and stakeholders);
  4. Development of research strategy;
  5. Organisation of an International Workshop that will take place in Algarve (Portugal) on 17-19 April 2008;
  6. Dissemination of information (to stakeholders);
  7. Communication activities.

The expected impacts of the RIOS-project are:

  • Increased cooperation between stakeholders from different communities;
  • Input to the European Commission for joint research priorities to the 7th and 8th Framework Programme;
  • Avoiding duplicate research by stimulating cooperation;
  • Establishing research consortia for the development of research projects;
  • Development of an action plan for research.

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