The mission of NORDEConsult is to introduce cost-effective and sustainable environmental technologies and solutions in industries and authorities. To inform and advise our clients on how to deal with rapidly evolving developments in the fields of environmental protection.


In particular, NORDEC helps clients trough different approaches, depending on the specificity of the case, by:


Managing risks and avoiding liabilities: We advise our clients on the regulatory requirements they must comply with, and evaluate their operations and activities to ensure cost-effective compliance as well as help them avoid or better manage associated liabilities. In this respect, we can either handle a client's audits, or support existing internal audit teams with regulatory information in the languages needed;


Anticipating change: We monitor new regulatory and policy developments in Europe and help companies prioritise environmental issues based on real and potential impacts on their operations and markets to tailor programmes which improve business as well as environmental performance;


Integrating the environment into corporate strategies — the key to sustainability: We work with our clients to improve their understanding of how existing and new requirements will impact their operations, products, services and markets, and then we help design strategies and programmes for long-term business success. We help companies in identifying funding possibilities for implementation of innovative environmental solutions.


Our aim is to provide at all times innovative and quality service with the best technical and financial performance.