Welcome to NORDEConsult


NORDEConsult is an environmental consultancy company focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions for industries and authorities.


Nordeconsult Sweden AB was founded in the early 2006. The company gathers environmental experiences developed for more than 20 years in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland).


Nordeconsult Sweden AB is located in Lund-Sweden. Nordeconsult have well–established contacts and cooperation agreements with a network of highly skilled consultants around Europe. Nordeconsult is a dynamic, highly trained and experienced, multilingual team of consultants with in–depth knowledge of regulatory and environmental issues at European, regional, national and local levels.


The aim of the company is to introduce cost–effective and sustainable environmental technologies and solutions in industry and authorities. The environmental experts in the company have promoted innovative technologies in more than 15 countries.


NORDEConsult Sweden AB has three major activity areas:


- Environmental strategic consultancy;


- Leather production expertise 


- Initiating and participating in European projects;


- Transfer of environmental technology know–how and experiences from the Nordic countries to Southern Europe 




Elmo Leather AB

SE–512 81 Svenljunga
Phone: +46 (0)325 66 14 00
Fax: +46 (0)325 61 10 04
E–mail: Leif.Svensson@elmoleather.com


AnoxKaldnes AB

Klosterängsvägen 11A
226 47 Lund
Phone: +46 (0)46–18 21 50
Fax: +46 (0)46–13 32 01
E–mail: leo@anoxkaldnes.com


Danish Technological Institute

Gregersensvej Postboks 141
DK–2630 Taastrup.
Phone: +45 72 20 20 00
Fax: +45 72 20 20 19
E–mail: ole.christian.hansen@teknologisk.dk


CIGA–Centro de Investigação de Geociências Aplicadas

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Quinta da Torre, Monte de Caparica
2829–516 Caparica
Phone: +351 212 948 349
E–mail: cnunesdacosta@netcabo.pt


Câmara Municipal do Seixal

Eng.ª Ana Sofia Marques
Serviços Operacionais da Câmara do Seixal
Rua Lino de Carvalho n. 1
2840-978 Aldeia de Paio Pires
Phone: +351 210 976 011
E–mail: div.salubridade@cm-seixal.p